Make this year’s spring break memorable at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge

It doesn’t get any better than spring break. Remember that week each spring when schools shut down and students are released for a few fleeting days from the day-to-day monotony that is the academic calendar? Do you recall the joy it brought to know you had an entire week off from homework, tests, lectures, and textbooks? I haven’t forgotten it. In fact, my family makes a point to celebrate it each and every year.

Here’s a top tip to help you and your family make the most of your children’s spring break this year. Take the week off, book your stay at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge in Dawsonville, GA, and prepare yourself for one North Georgia Mountains adventure after another. Amicalola Falls State Park has 829 acres of everything you need to maximize your fun and minimize your children’s boredom.

Take Aim

Plan to begin your stay with a visit to the 3D archery adventure trail and feel like you’re on a real hunting expedition. After multiple visits ourselves, their instructors have us hitting bullseyes with every shot. Not bragging, but I’ve got a bit of an eagle eye.

Take the tomahawk challenge

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We recently got in touch with our primitive sides at the tomahawk challenge. We competed to see who racked up the most points and mastered the art of axe throwing. It turns out this time it wasn’t me. But I’ll be back to hone my skills and emerge as family champion next time. We documented the whole thing by renting a GoPro at the lodge to use for all our adventures at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge. What’s an adventure if you can’t share it on social media?

See the falls

Amicalola Falls is a true wonder. It is the highest waterfall in Georgia with 729 feet of cascading magnificence. The name Amicalola is from the Cherokee for “tumbling waters.” We stood at the top and peered over the edge of the breathtaking cliff before hiking to the bottom while feeling the mist from Amicalola Creek as it tumbled nearly 1,000 feet. Standing at the bottom and seeing the splendor of one of the Seven Wonders of Georgia is an unforgettable way to experience the power of nature.

Hit the trails

Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge is also home to the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. That means, if you’re properly prepared and feeling up to it, you could start hiking from behind the visitors center and walk all the way to Baxter Peak on Mt. Katahdin in Maine, more than 2,100 miles away. We weren’t quite ready for such a trek, and if you don’t want to hike that far, you don’t have to. We walked on the AT for a mile or two and turned around so we would have time to explore other trails that crisscross the park and lodge grounds. We found everything we needed for our hiking endeavors at the Visitor Center, which has trail maps to guide you along your journey.

Spread your wings

While we were hiking, we saw a few of our fellow guests zoom past overhead at speeds greater than 50 mph on the Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventure. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long to take our turn. The exhilaration of weightlessness when our canopy rangers guided us through the treetops on our zip lines and suspension bridges gave us an entirely new perspective on the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are three levels of difficulty from which to choose. If you go for the gusto and level up to three, be ready to get an eagle’s eye view as you zip over the valley from one mountain to another. This was the perfect time to strap the GoPro to my helmet and capture every one of my gasps and screams.

Meet birds of prey

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Since we flew like the birds of prey, we figured we should probably meet one. The Animal Meet and Greets at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge allowed us to get up close and personal with birds of prey like owls and hawks, and to learn about the local reptiles. We learned how birds of prey fly silently and why a snake sheds its skin. Animal Meet and Greets are held on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. in the Lodge’s main lobby. Since the schedule can sometimes change, we always verify with the front desk when we check in so we never miss a show.

When it comes to spring break, there’s no place better than Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge. Don’t let the kids sit around at home this spring break, make memories instead. We keep going back because every time we do, we discover new adventures. Check out the lodge’s special packages and accommodation options here and book your stay today, but hurry, these rooms fill up quickly.

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