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Adventures in Team Building

Need to get your team in a different environment that is fun and refreshing but still enables them to build on their communication, problem solving and trust building skills? Been to a lot of team building sites that are the same thing but just with different names?

Not at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge. Our team building is unique and different but still enables the group to work together on issues that need to be addressed and therefore improve work place environment and performance.

Team Build on our amazing Zipline Canopy Tours. We combine experiential adventure with team building challenges so that our participants can get the best of both worlds: Fun and Learning!

Great for corporate, church, youth and even family type groups!


Team Building Activity Packages


Start the morning with ground challenge elements that get the group working on communication, trust, critical thinking and bonding.

Then begin the zipline canopy tour. During this excursion, the group will have 4 to 5 ground points where challenge elements must be completed as a group. As each challenge is completed, the group earns the right to continue on to more of
the zipline course.

We wrap the day up with our Super Zips: Stanley (1000 ft long) and Ralph (2000 ft long) over the beautiful Amicalola Gorge valley at over 300 ft high. End the day with the group debrief and learn how to apply the day’s experiences to work and personal life.

We start around 9 am to 9:30 am with end time between 4 and 5pm

Lunch is included (sandwich, chips, fruit, cookie, condiments and soda or bottled water)

Starting at $129.00 per person


Don’t have time for an all day event? Enjoy our 3 to 4 hour course!

Start with the ground challenge elements as explained above and move on to the level 1 Zipline Canopy Tour. There will be other ground-level challenge elements for the group to solve that will work on their communication, critical thinking, trust building skills and more!

A group debrief will tie the activity together and focus on what was learned and how to apply to home and work life.

Does not include our Super Zips but both super zips can be added on for an extra $20.00 pp

No lunch with this course but can be added on for $12.95 pp ++ (Picnic style with sandwich, chips, cookie, fruit and bottled water)

Starting at $59.00


Customize your ground-level Challenge Course to focus on the needs of the group. The games and activities are designed to be fun and motivational, while also encouraging communication, planning, problem solving, and conflict resolution. All of our activities incorporate decision-making, leadership, teamwork, trust, creative thinking and following directions. Length of programs dependent on needs of group and number of participants. No ziplines are included.

A few of our team building games include:

HOG CALL – Group divides into pairs and introduces themselves to their partner. They decide on a group code name. Then they try to find each other as they call their partner’s code name while blindfolded.

HUMAN KNOT – The group gets in a circle and holds the hand of the person across from them. The group must communicate, plan, and cooperate to untangle the human knot without letting go of their handhold.

TROLLEY – The entire group must cross the obstacle without touching the ground. The only resources that can be used are the wooden trolleys. Splitting the group in half creates a friendly competition.

SPIDER WEB – One of our most popular challenges. It has a good mix of trust, imagination, and teamwork. The object is to get through the treacherous web. Age: 12 yr old min.

THE MEUSE – Your group of adventurers must build a bridge and safely cross the “Lost Swamp”. This activity encourages leadership, teamwork, and problem solving abilities. (Using the boards to build a bridge from block to block. It involves lifting the boards.) Age: 12 yr old min.

Minimum of 7 participants. 7 – 12 participants.


A ropes course is designed to improve teamwork, build self-confidence, and increase trust. It is a series of low and high activities presented in a planned sequence, with the purpose of enhancing personal and corporate growth.

Low Elements Include:

T.P. SHUFFLE – There is a pole approximately 25 feet long about 1½-feet off the ground. This is used in many different ways depending on the individual group’s needs. It can be used to learn names, build a basis for teamwork and communication. It’s great for an introductory activity.

ALL ABOARD – The group attempts to get as many people as possible on top of a 3’ by 3’ platform and hold until a count of three.

THE WALL – The group helps, supports, and encourages each other as they each get up and over the wall. All team members watch out for and learn to trust each other as they safely climb over. (Minimum age: 12 yrs old)

High Elements Include:

CATWALK – There is a telephone pole horizontally suspended between 2 poles approximately 30 feet off the ground. The individual must climb the pole and walk across the “catwalk” while on belay.

PAMPER PLATFORM – Involves jumping from a 30’ high platform mounted to a tree. Participant tries to reach a trapeze bar several feet away.

TWO LINE BRIDGE – Two parallel cables which are 30’ high and 4 ½ ‘ apart provide the hand and foot support needed to successfully cross on a cable suspended between two trees.

Minimum 10 participants. Minimum age is 12 yrs old.

Minumum of 8 participants to open the zipline canopy tour with a maximum of 35 per group. Minimum of 7 participants for the Ground Exercises and Low Ropes Course and 10 participants for High Ropes Course.

Restrictions do apply: Minimum weight is 90 lbs with max weights for girls at 250 lbs and under and guys at 285 lbs and under to participate in the zipline canopy tour. Closed toed shoes required. For groups larger than 15 people, the group will be split in teams to assist with better flow during the day. Programs are suitable for all ages.

If interested in these activities, they must be scheduled through Chad Netzer and Bri Vlastelic at or by calling 706-265-1233.

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