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Enjoy Spring Camping at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge

March and April are some of the busiest camping months of the year for Amicalola Falls State Park and Lodge as we play host to a number of hikers looking to get a start on the Georgia Appalachian Trail. But the Georgia mountains, while not the tallest mountains in the U.S., can be a tricky place to set up camp if you are unprepared. Here are 5 tips for Amicalola Falls camping:


Pack to dress in layers. While afternoons in the North GA Mountains will most likely be filled with warm sunshine, the mornings can start out chilly. We recommend packing enough clothes to dress in layers so as the day heats up, clothes can be taken off. And as the sun begins to descend into the mountainside, you may find yourself hunting down that flannel shirt or light jacket.


Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Weather in the mountains in Georgia can be a bit unpredictable at times. Just like if you were to visit any other Georgia State Park, we recommend knowing the weather forecast ahead of your stay and being prepared in case it changes. Although rare, it wouldn’t be inconceivable for snow to pop up in early March or rain showers to blanket the area as we head into April.

Bring extra clothes including shoes to stay dry and pack your rain gear just in case. Be sure to pack some fun indoor games such as Scrabble or cards or bring some books to keep kids occupied until the weather clears.


Use local firewood. In order to protect the forests that cover the Blue Ridge Mountains in GA, the state has mandated that only locally sources firewood is allowed to be burned in our campgrounds. Be sure to pick up a bundle or two from our Visitor’s Center before you head up to your designated camping spot. We appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor.


Grab a printed copy of the Park Map to have on hand. While not the largest of the Georgia State Parks & Lodges, Amicalola Falls is still pretty spread out. Having a map on hand will assist you in finding the trails, amenities and even the lodge itself should you want to come for dinner or one of our Birds of Prey Shows that are frequently shown there. Maps can be obtained in the Visitor’s Center and the Amicalola Falls Lodge.


Have a camera on hand at all times. Whether you use the latest smartphone to take photos or a more professional piece of equipment, the Spring is sure to welcome all kinds of life to these blue mountains of Georgia. From wildflowers to black bears to chipmunks and deer, there is no end to what can be spotted to the most discerning eye. Certainly, we’re home to one of the most beautiful of the Georgia falls.

We ask that you use common sense if encountering wildlife on one of our trails and to maintain a distance so as to allow the animal to enjoy their natural environment. If unsure how to act when you see a specific animal on the trails, ask a Ranger or employee in the Visitor’s Center ahead of hitting the trails.


While the Amicalola Falls Lodge certainly has some of the best accommodations of the Georgia State Park Lodges and Georgia Mountain cabins, we can understand the appeal of wanting to stay under the canopy of the trees where you might even be able to hear the rushing waters of the Amicalola Falls just to the south.

For more information about camping at Amicalola Falls State Park, please visit our Campground FAQs.

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